Travelling solo and discovering independence

Travelling solo and discovering independence

Backpacking solo through South East Asia prepared Euan Malcolm for life as a university student. As part of his gap year, Euan Malcolm ventured off to South East Asia to explore the wonders of countries such as Cambodia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Euan described the benefit of travelling alone as helping him ‘gradually gain independence.’ ‘Life travelling in a foreign country really prepared me for university, campus life and independence’ Euan recalled. During his adventure, Euan found fondness towards Cambodia; a country ravished by genocide but yet embodies so much beauty in its people and landscape. ‘One night there, we were partying to the early hours of the morning, then watched the sunrise from Angkor Wat; it was surreal.’


2 thoughts on “Travelling solo and discovering independence

  1. I really like the story you tell about Euan’s travels through both the text and image. The inclusion of the flag and Euan’s casual yet proud pose creates an interesting composition that enables audiences to gain deeper meaning and appreciation of the impact that his overseas journey has had on Euan as a person. The story is well written and the introductory sentence is very effective in ‘hooking’ readers. Perhaps this photo could be further improved by positioning the camera in a way that avoids including the building as it appears to be very bright and makes the subject appear slightly shadowy. But otherwise, very well done!

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