A Reflection

“When people tell you a story, it’s like they’re singing you a song. Every voice has its own musicality, its own tone and timbre. And even just a little half-sentence fragment can go in through your ear and tell you something profound about a person’s soul.” (Aaron Henkin) 

The weird and wonderful sounds of Newtown portray a vivacious community of people, who call this hip little suburb in the Sydney’s inner west home. Newtown is renowned worldwide for its contemporary and quirky atmosphere of small bars, culturally diverse restaurants, charming coffeehouses and cafés, talented buskers and the magnificent street art that covers the walls of Newtown.

But what makes Newtown so Newtown… is the people. The sense of community is tangible in the streets as everyone goes about their day. Although not everyone speaks to one another on the streets, there is a constant hum of voices and conversations as you walk down King St.

For Chrissy Dernee, Newtown is home. The bustling streets of Newtown is where you’d find Chrissy having a cappuccino at her favourite coffeehouse, buying fruit and veg from the local fruit market, out for a night of dancing to 1950’s swing music or just wandering the streets at her own leisure.

Through a rhythmic chain of ambient sounds, interview techniques, audio editing and layering, I hope to portray Chrissy’s character through her connection to Newtown and Newtown’s charm through Chrissy’s personality.

Essentially, how Newtown represents Chrissy and how Chrissy represents Newtown.



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