“What’s Hidden”


I am fascinated by personal, untold stories. It is one of the driving forces of why I want to be a journalist. I have always had a passion for Africa and the people that inhabit such a breathtaking but devastating continent. I am passionate about African culture, music, food, traditions but primarily the horrifying conflict and political issues that engulf many African countries. I have two friends, Dimas and Anismis Bakini who are Sudanese and brothers. They came to Australia in 2005 with their family. I have known the brothers since they arrived in Australia, but realised I knew little of their life in Sudan as they rarely talk about it.

For this project, I want to focus the brothers’ stories and memories of their life in Sudan and at the same time portray their life in Australia as well. To do this, I will use interview material and photography to illustrate their story. I will also search for ambient sounds and music, e.g. African street sounds and African percussive music to accompany the multimedia story.



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