Brothers of Sudan

I walk to meet Dimas and Anismis Bakini and instantly notice their clothes. They are wearing nicely pressed pants and clean, buttoned up shirts. They know I’m interviewing them, so I can imagine they thought it would be gracious to dress smart. They have always been so polite. Dimas 21, and Anismis 19, arrived with … More Brothers of Sudan

“What’s Hidden”

I am fascinated by personal, untold stories. It is one of the driving forces of why I want to be a journalist. I have always had a passion for Africa and the people that inhabit such a breathtaking but devastating continent. I am passionate about African culture, music, food, traditions but primarily the horrifying conflict … More “What’s Hidden”

Travelling solo and discovering independence

Backpacking solo through South East Asia prepared Euan Malcolm for life as a university student. As part of his gap year, Euan Malcolm ventured off to South East Asia to explore the wonders of countries such as Cambodia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Euan described the benefit of travelling alone as helping him ‘gradually gain independence.’ … More Travelling solo and discovering independence

The invigorating life of study abroad

As a student from North Carolina State University on international exchange, Kianna Freitag finds life in Australia ‘invigorating’. Originally from Huntington, New York, Kianna made the bold decision to study abroad in Australia at the University of Wollongong for six months. ‘Everyone at home thought I was crazy to go alone,’ Kianna revealed, ‘but it’s … More The invigorating life of study abroad