Sunday in Newtown

As a basis for my assessment, in which I am focusing on my friend Chrissy who lives in the alternative and wonderful suburb of Newtown, I have recorded sounds of coffee house chatter and ambient sounds of the streets of Newtown to portray what Chrissy hears daily. Newtown is a quirky suburb renowned for its … More Sunday in Newtown

The fusion of travel and journalism as career aspiration

The desire to fuse travel with journalism and writing is a strong career aspiration of journalism students studying at the University of Wollongong. Travel journalism is a precarious business to penetrate; there is a surplus of willing journalists and writers, but a scarcity of employers willing to pay for the work. Regardless of the lack … More The fusion of travel and journalism as career aspiration

Freelance Journalism

The other sister to traditional journalism of full-time employment by a news organisation is freelance journalism. Freelancers, also know as ‘stringers’ in the news world, are their own boss and write for a variety of publications and media sources. To become a freelance journalist one must exert determination, hard work, discipline and openness. There’s no … More Freelance Journalism

Travelling solo and discovering independence

Backpacking solo through South East Asia prepared Euan Malcolm for life as a university student. As part of his gap year, Euan Malcolm ventured off to South East Asia to explore the wonders of countries such as Cambodia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Euan described the benefit of travelling alone as helping him ‘gradually gain independence.’ … More Travelling solo and discovering independence

The invigorating life of study abroad

As a student from North Carolina State University on international exchange, Kianna Freitag finds life in Australia ‘invigorating’. Originally from Huntington, New York, Kianna made the bold decision to study abroad in Australia at the University of Wollongong for six months. ‘Everyone at home thought I was crazy to go alone,’ Kianna revealed, ‘but it’s … More The invigorating life of study abroad

Aspiring Photojournalist

Amy Scurr aspires to become a photojournalist for the National Geographic. I was drawn to Amy, as we share similar aspirations and was interested to discover how Amy found her passion. The interview took place within UOW’s beautiful gardens.